European Securities Statistics Added to CMD-MD

A total of 120 series on European securities issuance and outstanding have been added to CMD-MD. The following categories have been added for the fixed composition Euro-Area 19, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain:

Total outstanding, and gross and net issuance of total debt and long-term debt securities for the total economy, non-financial corporations, general government, and state and local.  Gross and net equity issuance has also been added for the total economy and non-financial corporations. This data is monthly and in millions of euros. Market values are used for listed shares, whereas nominal par values are used for debt security statistics.  Most of the data begin in January of 1990.  The source of the data is the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse.

This enhancement complements the growing European coverage of CMD-MD.  In addition to securities issuance, the database also has long-term bond yields, consumer price indexes, and exchange rates.  In the future, CMD will be adding international transaction data with a focus on portfolio flows and trade. These extensions should prove helpful for macro-financial modelers.