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Interest Rates, Money and Capital Markets (Table 1.35) 
Percent per year; figures are averages of business day data unless otherwise noted, 900+ interest rates!
Item Start Date FreqFile
1Federal funds rate04/1928Monthly
 Commercial Paper 

Long-term yields 
5    Corporate AAA01/1857Monthlyxlsx
6Corporate BAA 01/1919Monthlyxlsx
7Municipal bond yield01/1857Monthlyxlsx
6 30-yr mortgage rate 01/1949Monthlyxlsx
 U.S. Treasury Securities 
8     T-bill01/1929Monthlyxlsx
9 1-yr 01/1929Monthlyxlsx
10 3-yr01/1929Monthlyxlsx
11 5-yr01/1929Monthlyxlsx
12 10-yr 01/1801Monthlyxlsx