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New Security Issues, State and Local Governments (Table 1.45) 
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Type of issue or issuer, or use Start Date FreqFile
1 All issues, new and refunding 101/1900Monthlyxlsx
  By type of issue 
2 General Obligation10/1958Monthlyxlsx
3 Revenue10/1958Monthlyxlsx
4a Issues for new capital01/1919Monthlyxlsx
4b Issues for refunding01/1919Monthlyxlsx
  By Type of Issuer 
5     State01/195003/2011xlsx
6 Special district or statutory authority 01/195003/2011xlsx
7Municipality, county, or township01/195003/2011xlsx
  By use of proceeds 
8     Education01/1946Monthlyxlsx
9 Transportation 01/1950Monthlyxlsx
10 Utilities and conservation01/1950Monthlyxlsx
11 Industrial aid01/1970Monthlyxlsx
12 Other purposes 01/1970Monthlyxlsx
  1. Par amounts of long-term issues based on the date of sale.  Return to table
  2. Includes school districts.  Return to table
Source: Mergent beginning November 2011; Securities Data Company beginning January 1990 to October 2011; Investment Dealers Digest before then.