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U.S. Government Securities Dealers, Transactions (Table 1.42) 
Millions of dollars
 U.S. Nominal Transactions 
3< 1yr01/1961Monthlyxlsx
4< 5 yr01/1961Monthlyxlsx
5   5 to 10 yrs01/1961Monthlyxlsx
6 > 10 yr01/1961Monthlyxlsx
7     Total Treasury Transactions01/1961Monthlyxlsx
 Agency Debt 
2Agency Coupons01/1998Monthlyxlsx
3Discount Notes01/1998Monthlyxlsx

Total Agency Debt07/1990Monthlyxlsx
2Agency MBS and Debt 03/1961Monthlyxlsx
3 Agency MBS07/1990Monthlyxlsx

  1. Sources: Capital Markets Data; NY Fed.