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Historical Expectations and Uncertainty
<= 1 yr> 1 yr

CPI Inflation06/1946xlsxxlsx
GDP Deflator03/1967xlsxxlsx
Real GDP03/1967xlsxxlsx
Nominal GDP12/1951xlsxxlsx

University of Michigan1-yr5-yr


Forecast/Survey Uncertainty (Inter-quartile range)<= 1 yr> 1 yr
CPI 06/1946xlsxxlsx

GDP Deflator07/1967xlsxxlsx

Real GDP03/1968xlsxxlsx
Nominal GDP12/1951xlsxxlsx

1. Sources: University of Michigan; Philadelphia Fed; and Capital Markets Data.
2. This page distributes summary measures of expectations regarding inflation and real and nominal GDP growth. The measures are a mean over several surveys, almost all of which are maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. These surveys and forecasts come from the Survey of Professional Forecasters, The Livingston Survey, The Greenbook Forecasts, and The University of Michigan Inflation Expectations.