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FHA Insured Multifamily Summary
FHA Multifamily Mortgage Rates 
Weighted current mortgage rate09/1936Mxlsx
Average current mortgage rate01/1935Mxlsx
40yr new construction mortgage rate01/1950Mxlsx
40yr refi/purchase mortgage rate03/1938Mxlsx
Avg mortgage rate outstanding01/1935Mxlsx

Standard deviation of mortgage rates01/1935Mxlsx

Entries and Exits

New gross endorsements ($ volume)01/1935Mxlsx
New gross endorsements (number) 01/1935Mxlsx
Prepaid mortgages01/1935Mxlsx

Bad exits (defaults, troubled loans)01/1935Mxlsx

Matured mortgages01/1935Mxlsx
Total entries01/1935Mxlsx
Total exits01/1935Mxlsx
Net change = entries - exits01/1935Mxlsx

Entry rate01/1950Mxlsx

Prepayment rate01/1950Mxlsx
Maturity rate01/1950Mxlsx
Bad exit rate01/1950Mxlsx
Net change rate01/1950Mxlsx

Total Guarantees
Total FHA multifamily mortgage debt guaranteed04/1935Mxlsx

Total mortgages (number)04/1935Mxlsx
Total units-in-force04/1935Mxlsx
New debt-per-unit04/1935Mxlsx
Prepaid amount01/1960Mxlsx

Refi Incentive03/1936Mxlsx

Realized refi-incentive01/1960Mxlsx
Interest rate on prepaid mortgages01/1960Mxlsx