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Federal Reserve Banks, Maturity Distribution of Loans and Securities      (Table 1.19) 
Millions of dollars
Type of holding and maturity Start Date FreqFile
1All Treasury Securities12/1914Monthlyxlsx
Net Treasury Duration01/1941Monthlyxlsx

Notes and Bonds01/1919Monthlyxlsx
By Type 
3    Certificates and T-Bills01/1919Monthlyxlsx
4Notes 01/1919Monthlyxlsx
 Total U.S. Treasury Securities 
6 Within 15 days01/1941Monthlyxlsx
716 to 90 days 01/1941Monthlyxlsx
8 91 days to 1 year01/1941Monthlyxlsx
9Over 1 year to 5 years01/1941Monthlyxlsx
10Over 5 years to 10 years 01/1941Monthlyxlsx
11 Over 10 years01/1941Monthlyxlsx