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New Security Issues, U.S. Corporations (Table 1.46) 
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Type of issue or issuer, or use Start Date FreqFile
1 All issues, new and refunding 101/1900Monthlyxlsx
 Bonds: by location of funding 
2Sold in the United States11/1986Monthlyxlsx
3 Sold abroad11/1986Monthlyxlsx
4a Bonds01/1900Monthlyxlsx
4b Stocks01/1900Monthlyxlsx
  By source of funding 
5     Seasoned Equity Offerings01/1994Monthlyxlsx
6Initial Public Offerings 01/1994Monthlyxlsx
  Equity Issuance and Retirement (EFA) 
7     Gross Issuance12/1996Quarterlycsv
8Gross Retirement12/1996Quarterlycsv
9 Mergers and Acquisitions12/1996Quarterlycsv
11 Net Issuance12/1996Quarterlycsv
  1. Source: Securities Data Company and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.