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Dataset Name Start Date Download ZIP Metadata
NIPA Underlying Monthly Data 01/1959 ZIP CSV
National and State-Level Construction and Building Permits 01/1900 ZIP CSV
Treasury International Capital Flows 01/1942 ZIP CSV
Monthly Retail Sales 01/1967 ZIP CSV
Automotive and Labor Markets 01/1790 ZIP CSV
Inflation and Commodity Prices 01/1720 ZIP CSV
REIT returns 01/1972 ZIP CSV
U.S. Bilateral Trade, Nominal, and Real Exchange Rates 01/1900 ZIP CSV
Term Structure, Expectations, and Returns 10/1790 ZIP CSV
Federal Reserve Balance Sheet 01/1914 ZIP CSV
Primary Dealer Transactions, Federal Reserve and Bank holdings of Treasuries, and liquidity spreads 10/1914 ZIP CSV
Select Commodities Trade Balances 01/1901 ZIP CSV
Energy - EIA 01/1913 ZIP CSV
Meat Summary 01/1913 ZIP CSV
Copper Summary 07/1892 ZIP CSV
Iron and Steel Scrap Summary 01/1877 ZIP CSV
Crude Oil, Fuel, and Coal Summary 01/1920 ZIP CSV
Tobacco Summary 01/1909 ZIP CSV
Vitality Statistics - Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce, by State and Nationally 03/1900 ZIP CSV
Transportation, Travel, and Tourism 01/1900 ZIP CSV
Agricultural Prices and Production - USDA 01/1913 ZIP CSV
Equity Prices, Returns, and Expected Returns 01/1800 ZIP CSV
Residential Mortgages and Housing Indicators and ABS issuance and outstanding 12/1890 ZIP CSV
U.S. Treasury, Agency, Muni, and Corporate capital market issuances and outstanding debt 01/1790 ZIP CSV
U.S. Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Global Mergers and Acquisitions 01/1900 ZIP CSV
Solana and Ethereum NFTs - prices and sales volumes 01/2018 ZIP CSV
Supporting Underlying Detail 01/1790 ZIP CSV
Global Long-term bond yields 01/1870 ZIP CSV
Global Inflation and Price Indexes 01/1900 ZIP CSV
Global Policy Rates 01/1920 ZIP CSV

1. Sources: Survey of Current Business; BEA; NBER; Capital Markets Data