The Unrelenting Force of Progress

Things are rapidly evolving.

I am undertaking several consulting/collaborative projects:

1. I am contributing my first article to The Property Chronicle
2. Developing equity trading strategies in Python and collaborating on the project with GitHub (with an independent quant developer).
3. Consulting for a single-family real estate investment/soon to be analytics firm in Detroit. Learning SQL to meet my clients database requirements.
4. Working on consulting with a CRE startup in NYC to develop valuation models.
5. Reviewing a book on trade for an author that I connected with on LinkedIn.
6. Beginning to develop a model for forecasting rare events (a specific rare event) for an emerging (apparel/self-defense for kids?) company based in the northeast.

These are just my collaborative projects, and only one of these includes a reliable verbal monetary commitment.  Starting a company is hard work!

These projects are forcing me to learn new skills and I am all the better for it. Skills like using a GitHub repository for collaboration in both python and R.  Learning/incorporating SQL to meet a clients needs.  Improving my writing skills. 

Updates on my company Capital Markets Data:

For my own company research, I have learned new skills in R - like using R to email a client list my monthly chart-pack of long-term economic data.

I have established a new domain name:, that will host my research and market my services, data collection efforts, and expertise.  I have launched a WordPress blog to help me stage the launch of my website.  I created a Twitter account that automatically shares my latest blog posts (follow me at: @capitalmarketz). 

Despite my stretched online presence - I will be maintaining this blogspot to share and document my experience and struggle.

I originally started these efforts to showcase my skills so that I may find a job working for someone else.  I was aiming for even junior positions on wall street.  I wanted to send a signal that I am capable - please hire me!  The unintended consequence: My radical and intense struggle is clearly leading me down a path towards independence.



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