Game plan for taking The Capital Markets Data Project to the next level

I am formulating a general game plan to take The Capital Markets Data Project to the next level.  It entails using some epic automation and hard work.

First, figure out how to automate the generation of reports. Then set up an automatic email of a RMarkdown report whenever a new release comes out.  This should be of particular use for my clientele as I am a one man team, I need to make my research look like it came from 100 economists.

Second, launch a professional looking website with data plotting tools.  This won't exactly be easy as I hate spending money, but it is a necessary evil.   Also I hate the fact that google search has finally started to pick up my blog - so that changing my site requires me to be impoverished even longer.

Third, build, build, and build. Build clientele; Build reports; Build databases.  This is all fairly standard stuff, but building a clientele is challenging for me.  I know that Hedge Funds want timely data and I think the first step could help a lot in this respect.  Especially, If I am able to effectively utilize google trends to ship out trends (almost) real-time.

Fourth, is to continue to leverage LinkedIn.  Find my audience, my crowd, my people.  Where my people at??

Fifth, finally get some of my data on Bloomberg, Quandl and FRED.  Also I plan to create an API so that users may download the directly into R. This has not been easy, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hope to complete my goals by Q1 2020.  And I wouldn't mind finding a real job in the meantime to help finance my consumption and investment expenditures.  I can only make so many epic penny stock picks.

Update: 8/15/2019

I have met my first goal of setting up an automatic report and email distribution from R. I have since added a few more goals and specifics:

1. Register my business in the state of New Hampshire by filling out this form.  $15 fee.
2. Claim my domain name for $12/yr using Google domains
3. Build my website using wordpress?? $45/month for ecommerce.
3a. Make a logo ($20-$85 one time fee)
4. API build-out for those statistical programmers like myself.
5. Pricing