Get Pumped

Over the next few days, I will be releasing a very special data set on trade and foreign exchange.  It is possible to construct a trade weighted US dollar Index with the combination of monthly import/export data and foreign exchange rates.  The new series will begin in 1922.  The source data is the survey of current business from the FRASER Archive at the St. Louis Fed.

I am having good fun with the trade data, and have learned much about the history of our trading partners in the process.

The database is coming along quite nicely, considering I began this project just over two months ago.
This database is meant to compliment the Bank of England's long data project, The Swedish Central Bank set and Norway's central bank set.  I have to commend the institutions for doing the projects,  they obviously thought it would be cool and important to collect such data.  They also have teams of people, research associates, and collaborators and funding.  I have none of that, just me.

I hope to give you an ass load of data, so that people of the future are smarter about the past.

A note on documentation:  FRASER!