An update on the new datasets now available

I have recently added detail on state and local bond issuances.  We now have long time-series on Education, Transportation, and Utility issuance.  I have also added history to the series on total state and local bond issuance which now begins in January 1919.  The series on corporate stock issuance also now begins in January 1919.

I have added a monthly series on commercial paper outstanding which begins in January 1919.

I also added a database on foreign security purchases and sales which begins in 1950.  In the future, I plan on updating this database to account for major commodity exporters and trading partners.

I am currently working on adding weekly data on commercial bank lending to security brokers and dealers, and loans for purchasing and carrying securities.  This is a difficult series to create especially since the Federal Reserve has repeatedly decided to aggregate the series I actually care about.

In addition to the commercial bank lending to the securities markets, I am also working on adding a weekly series on real estate loans.

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