Services and Pricing

Capital Markets Data: $1 monthly updates for life.  

Purchasing access to the Capital Markets Monthly Database is like purchasing a 50yr Treasury Inflation-Protected Security: It's an inflation hedged data investment.  One and done. You pay for CMD-MD one time. And you get monthly updates for $1 for life. Deflation anyone? The life-time data updates and updates in data breadth ensure that the real value of the service actually increases over time. 
We are currently charging 50,000 USD for the purchase of CMD-MD.  

How did we come up with that number and why is it of substantial value?  

According to the BLS, the median pay of a Research Analyst in 2019 was $63,790.  It would take a dedicated Research Analyst one year to be able to collect and recreate all the data found in CMD-MD.  That's just the first year and the opportunity cost of having CMD-MD as it stands today.  At $50,000 the cost savings to an institution for the first year alone would be roughly $14,000.  These savings would increase to $78,000 by year two, and $142,000 by year three. 

Customer Service: The CMD Extra Mile.

We are centered around your data needs.  Once purchased, institutions may request any data they please to be added to the database. In addition to fulfilling your data requirements, we also provide you with the CMD Extra Mile.  The CMD Extra Mile is providing you data any way you want it: seasonally adjusted, spliced, and transformed.  We will also create custom chart-packs for you to be emailed directly to your inbox whenever you want it: daily, weekly, or monthly.  The way you digest information is of the utmost importance to us.